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Why You Should Use Pattern and Cast Glass

Pattern and Cast Glass

Bathrooms are one such place which gives the first impression of your house to anyone visiting you. Pattern and Cast Glass is created and used in a manner that can provide you exactly the shape and look you require. Cast glasses are great for bathroom showers which highlight the elegance of the bathroom in the best way. […]

Excellent Yacht Glass used in Superyachts

Yacht Glass

Yacht Glass has become one of the most sought-after appliances to be used in superyacht fleets. With contemporary designs and structures, some very elegant-looking glass superstructures and other amenities are used from the dock to the very interior of the superstructure. Some glass appliances can be seen from outside and some are used to give the […]

Why Dynamic Glass Might Dominate the Future

Why Dynamic Glass Might Dominate the Future

Dynamic Glasses or smart glasses are the next generations of glass technologies with the ability to adapt. It affects electronics in response to external conditions, proves to be better than static glass. This is significant in view of the fact that windows are considered to be one of the most energy-efficient, with 40% of total […]

Types of Contemporary Bullet Proof Glass

bullet proof glass

Everyone is familiar with the concept of bullet proof glass. These types of glasses are transparent yet resilient to all forms of projectiles. These types of glasses are made by two forms of layers, one soft and one hard. The softer layer gives the glass its elasticity to prevent the glass from shattering. To keep […]

The Glass Company – Your Destination for Everything Related to Glass!

The Glass Company

In this era of modern architecture structural corporate buildings have become one of the landmark patterns of every metropolitan and small cities. Glossy glass buildings are just some add ons in the ecstatic outlook of every block. Glass has become the prime element – yes! Following the western model of architecture, glass providers have kept […]

Benefits of Using Luxury Storefront Glass

store front glass

Glasses are amazing things that give your commercial storefront a beautiful and elegant look. Other than looking professional and clean, your store needs a luxurious makeover too. Outdated and boring storefronts do not help anyone as it reduces your business’ credibility and glamour. If it’s been long since you have redecorated your commercial storefront, here […]