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The Glass Company

In this era of modern architecture structural corporate buildings have become one of the landmark patterns of every metropolitan and small cities. Glossy glass buildings are just some add ons in the ecstatic outlook of every block. Glass has become the prime element – yes! Following the western model of architecture, glass providers have kept up with updated designs to attract new and standard customer profiles. Hence, if you are looking for some well reputed architectural glass companies in Europe you have hit the right page. This article brings you to one of the best and efficient Architectural glass companies in UK. The Glass company is a well reputed glass service provider registered in England and Wales. Even if you are searching for efficient Architectural glass companies middle east, the Glass Company can be your destinations for glass consultancy and supply for specialist architectural glass products.

Why The Glass Company?

Apart from customer ratings and reviews, The Glass Company carries an intact reputation among the international glass industry. The quality of service provided by the company has gained worldwide response from customers from different corners of the world. Here are some key points that make The Glass Company come in the limelight among all the consultants and suppliers internationally.

Engineering efficiency

The provider is especially famous for its structural glass projects done by super efficient engineers with their excellence of skills. Architectural glass projects are done by specially allotted expert officials for a better service for their dedicated consumers. The founder has worked on world class and remarkable projects related to glass. This includes the Apple campus 2 headquater in Cupertino, number of Apple retail stores globally and Bloomberg Headquater glass supply in London to name a few. This has earner experienced background from all over the world, has earned the corporate some extra exposure. TGC gets involved with architects from concept stage to provide industry knowledge and specify best products available technologically and fitting in façade budgets. Visual mock up review and also quality controlling the fabrication of glass based on project specification.

Variation of Glass

There are a variety of glass available in respect of quality and design. The Glass Company is known for providing the best material with an enormous range of variety. Starting from Mesh glass to Jumbo glass, yacht glass and marble laminated glass the company comes up with more than 100+ varieties as a combination that have never been experimented before in built environment. Even in case of Retail store glass and Dynamic Glass the company has earned a reputation for the quality of material used. Hence, if you are skeptical about the quality and standard of the material, you can easily trust the provider depending on its customer reviews and feedback.

International presence

Apart from being a supplier and technical advisor, the company is known for participating in seminars and conferences in different parts of the world. Its international presence has fetched defence units of many countries for the use of Armour glass and Bullet Proof Glass for strategic and security purposes. There are also different studies conducted on the use of glass for the transparency of different types of buildings. Its international presence has attracted other corporate glass businesses for franchise and partnership which will eventually help to grow and expand the company otherwise.

Strategic Alliance

The Glass Company also has exclusive rights to some emerging glass technologies that are in development where the founder is involved in final stage development and architectural applications in BIPV and the dynamic glass industry. Though the alliance segment is under construction, there is no doubt about the dispersed growth and expanded action regularly taken by the company and its marketing segment.

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