Excellent Yacht Glass used in Superyachts

Yacht Glass

Yacht Glass has become one of the most sought-after appliances to be used in superyacht fleets. With contemporary designs and structures, some very elegant-looking glass superstructures and other amenities are used from the dock to the very interior of the superstructure. Some glass appliances can be seen from outside and some are used to give the interior an elegant look. 

Using good quality yacht glass in the fleet of superyachts is a great way for sunlight to come inside and to open up the spaces to the outside world. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best-known glass superstructures around the world.

1. M / Y A and her swimming pool with glass

Designed by Blohm + Voss, M / Y A’s truly unique design is instantly recognizable to those in the industry. Designed by Philippe Starck and at 119m tall, the M / Y A has 3 pools onboard and one of them can be classified as glass bottom. It can be overlooked by a disco below that offers a unique view of the guests in it.

2. M / Y Venus and her glass windows to the ceiling

The design was created by Steve Jobs with Philippe Starck M / Y Venus shows the incredible use of outdoor glass that gives her a great presence as she climbs ports and seas around the world. It was completed by Headship in around 2012 after the death of Steve Jobs in October 2011. The 79-meter yacht has glass panels at the bottom and top of the roof of his main living area, with a nice series of large windows at the bottom, just below the floor to the ceiling panel.

3. M / Y Dubai and her round glass stairs

Designed by British design studio, Andrew Winch Designs in partnership with Platinum Yachts, M / Y Dubai has circular glass stairs that are a spectacle in her heart, in addition to the three board elevators that serve her with seven floors. It connects the owner’s living space and guest areas with all the boats, his ‘floating’ glass steps are illuminated by the bright light from the sky, and magically change color to create various atmospheres and moods on board.

4. M / Y Stella Maris of her tempered glass

Glass is a major attraction within the 72m M / Y Stella Maris, built by glass consultant Espen Øeino to create a luxurious but independent boat that will stay home from anywhere. She has a dining room table top, enclosed by three glass walls, which, if wanted can be folded into an alfresco restaurant. 

5. The M / Y Rising Sun and her curved windows in full heights

The M / Y Rising Sun has a surprisingly bright interior light and amazing durability, thanks to its rows of high-rise windows that run all over the length of its high-rise building. It was designed by the late Jon Bannenberg to incorporate heavy use of building glass and a low profile.

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