Choose the Best Jumbo Glass According to Your Need

Jumbo Glass

Today, advances in the technology of glass processing have made it doable to provide effective and specific solutions for many types of construction projects. In fact, there are so many options available that you almost need to research different products and their features, and how this Jumbo glass will affect, for instance, the doors and windows you design.

What changes should be prioritized – and considered while choosing the glass you want to use in a particular? How to make aesthetics go hand in hand with efficiency and performance? In this article, we try to get you the complex world of glass and better understand how and why you can choose the best type of glass for your projects and make sure your customers get the best results.

Metal Framework

In carpentry the first material used was wood. In the initial phases of the early 20th century, about the same time that Rationalism and industrialization began to shape construction, metal became the building material for the construction of windows and doors. After that, it was replaced by the discovery of new technologies such as aluminum and PVC. Today steel is again the number one choice which is transformed to reduce its size without losing its strength and durability.

Jumbo Glass

Widely used on 1st floors, Lobbies or reception areas Dynamic glass and jumbo Panels produce unparalleled effects due to their large size. To accomplish this trick, it is important to choose frames that can carry the weight of the panels without pressuring the structure. Aluminum is widely used in frame construction due to its cost-saving properties though projects with glass panels more than 6 m high should be supported with steel, increasing the size of the frame.

Sun Protection

The sun’s rays emit both heat and light. In places with strong sunburn, it is important to avoid building heat while making sure that light can also enter the building.

For this one can analyze and search the selection of glass, choose a glass insertion filter, and the percentage of heat and light that will fit into the internal space. The selection of the glass will ensure more light and less heat while allowing it to pass. It costs three times as much cooling as heating space, which makes sun protection an important factor to think about when choosing glassware.

Acoustic protection

In noisy environments, dual-glass glass is more effective compared to high-frequency sounds and can be more effective with acoustic Polyvinyl panes, which defend against low-frequency sounds too because frequent buzzing sounds can be hard to find but very annoying.

In extreme cases like airports, this solution can work better by increasing the space between the panes, which will drastically reduce external noise.

Anti-Theft Protection and Security 

Laminate created by two glass panels with plastic film between them provides additional protection from material damage. To pierce, one has to break the first glass after that the plastic film, and finally the second panel. This phenomenon is very important for roofs or other windows on the roof if you want to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building.

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