Uses of Bullet Proof Glass

bullet proof glass

Everyone knows the concept of bullet proof glass. These types of glasses are transparent but can tolerate all kinds of projectiles. These types of glasses are made up of two types of layers, one soft and the other hard. The soft layer gives the glass its durability to prevent the glass from cracking. Keeping the glass clear and erasing the repetition index of both layers is deliberately kept at the same level. Bulletproof Glasses have various uses in various sectors in contemporary times.

Military and police vehicles:  Military and police vehicles are always at the frontlines when it comes to conflict zones. Therefore they need to be covered with these special glasses to stop bullets. The windows, front and back glasses are made with these special glasses to prevent any harm penetrating and creating damage inside. Monolithic acrylic can be transformed into custom windows as well. These glasses allow natural light to pass through easily as they are transparent. The rough and cut edges can be smoothened by polishing which gives it an edge in terms of attractiveness.

Government Buildings: Government buildings and secretariats are often under threat. Though highly secured and monitored, putting a bullet through the windows from a long distance is not a very hard task. For this reason, these buildings are wrapped with special bulletproof glasses to make sure that no one can put a bullet from a distanced roof. The windows, entrances, and some walls are customized with bulletproof glass to provide that extra security. Acrylic or polycarbonate bulletproof glass is often used to secure these buildings. These two types of glasses are very popular with today’s the contemporary market for they durability and other great features.

Banks: Banks are important centers for any country’s economy. Attacking a bank essentially means destabilizing the entire economy of the region. Apart from this reason incidents of bank robbery also keep happening. This is why bulletproof glasses are often used by banks to secure the chambers where the employees work and the places where the cash is kept. Even if a robber can enter the bank, he will not be able to reach the spot where the money is kept even if he tries to shoot the barrier made up of bulletproof glass. He won’t be able to harm the employees as well.

Civilian areas like schools and hospitals: Keeping in mind various attacks happening in schools and hospitals, authorities have started to secure these places with bulletproof glass now. Installed ballistic glass is a new generation of bullet-proof ballistic security glazing. These are used in low-cost and not-traditional targets. Schools, hospitals, homes, community centers, and other residential areas use these kinds of glasses for additional security purposes. Safe glass units are produced by incorporating other glasses of good quality. This type of glass is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications and easy maintenance. The transmission of light is also different leading to a clear and not painful interior. These glasses are tested various times by manufacturers for glass quality control purposes.

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