Glasses with its Extensive Kinds

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Glasses have defined usages in everyday life. Most of the buildings, workplaces, houses, commercial spaces, shops, stairs, floors, rooftops, and everywhere we notice it is majorly made of glass. Knowing the type of glass is an important part of building your home. You would not want your house to lack a particular type of necessity. Each glass type has its unique properties, and each of them is used for different purposes during construction. Let us throw light on some of the glass types:

  1. Chromatic glass: Ever wondered why the interior of the meeting rooms is so comfortable? It is because of these chromatic glasses. Chromatic glasses have the power to control the transparency level of glasses. It also can guard the interior from extreme heat and daylight. This is a big reason it is also used in ICUs where patients can be catered to the utmost care. Chromatic glasses are major of three types – a photochromic variant that has slight sensitive lamination, thermos-chromatic that has heat-sensitive lamination, and an electrochromic variant that has electric lamination covering it. 
  2. Tinted glass: This is another name for colored glasses that give out the alluring color rays that we see. This is produced from normal glasses, a tinge of the color-producing mix is amalgamated to the normal glass mix – that doesn’t affect the original mix. Below we have curated some of the famous color-producing mixes used by glass consultant:
Coloring ionColor
Iron oxideGreen
Manganese dioxideBlack
ChromiumDark green
TitaniumYellowish brown
  1. Toughened Glass: From the very name we can guess that this glass type is a hardened one. It is because of its strengthened form it is mostly used in places requiring safety like fire-resistant doors as well as mobile protectors. Durability, versatility, and UV protection are some of its salient features. Though it should be noted, when broken they will result in granular pieces which can be pretty dangerous. 
  2. Glass blocks: Also known as glass bricks, this is formed in a beautiful amalgamation process where two different halves are pressed and thickened in the making process. This is one of the most dynamic glass and used for the construction of skylights, sidewalks, and walls. The best part about these glasses is, when light passes through them, it gives out an alluring effect. The modern glass blocks are a product of previously existing prisms of lighting principles of the 1900s.  
  3. Glass Wool: If you are on the quest for a glass type that is fire-resistant then you can rest your search here. Glass wool is the ultimate find for the architectural companies in Europe for fire-resistant places. It is a product of fibers of glasses, and it appears as an insulating filler. 
  4. Insulated glazed units: This is a type of glass that is created by a separation of air or vacuum consisting of glass in the middle. This glass type cannot let heat inside it because of the presence of air in between the layers – making it a perfect insulator. The other name of this is double glazed units. 

Every glass consultant would firstly provide you with knowledge about the type of glass to choose wisely. It can be extra clean glass that provides a beautiful stain-proof appearance, or laminated glass that acts as a shield protecting the house.

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