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Modern Window Architectural Glass Technologies

dynamic glass

Gone are the days when buying window replacements simply meant choosing stained glass and a sturdy frame that would last for years and would never wear out. Now, there are many factors to consider before making a decision. There is a question that you should go looking for wood vs. vinyl windows; filtering out the […]

Features of Pattern and Cast Glass in your Bathroom

Pattern and Cast Glass

Bathrooms are such a place that gives the first impression of your home to anyone who has visited you. The Pattern and Cast Glass are designed and applied in a way that can give you the shape and structure that you are looking for exactly. Sprinkle mirrors are ideal for bathroom showers that highlight the […]

Sustainability of Glass and the Environmental Impact

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Glass technology is one of the most ancient ways of creating structures that is still in use today and is likely to stay in the future too. According to glass consultants glass is going to be much more popular in the future due to the extraordinary features that it offers. There are several benefits of using […]

Signs that Indicate a Facade Problem

Facade Problem

The construction of facades plays an important role in creating beauty and in protecting the structure and content from aging due to exposure to an aggressive environment. A Well-built facade also helps to improve the durability and efficiency of a building and to increase the level of personal comfort. In general, the design of the […]

High-Performance Architectural Glass For Energy Efficiency Of Building

Architectural glass

Architectural glass is one of the building materials considered an important topic to be discussed. Architects rely on and apply glass to their designs as attractive materials add real meaning and features to buildings. Engineers and architects care about the structural character of the pre-inclusive plan of the building and the glass. Glass behaves as part […]

Different Applications Of Structural Glass

architectural glass

Architects and glass consultants, who are fascinated by the idea of ​a clear structure, rising natural light, or an open workshop, use glass in large quantities. The most obvious example today is a full glass-covered skyscraper. With this development, the size of the used glass panels has increased and the connection method is becoming more difficult, […]

Why Glass Inspection is a Prerequisite

Glass consultant

Glass technology generally traces back to 3000 years where it has been used to build several important structures and other essential stuff. This ancient technology is also expected to be one of the most important building materials in the near future. From supercomputers to surfaces for displaying information is planned to be created with glass […]