Why Glass Inspection is a Prerequisite

Glass consultant

Glass technology generally traces back to 3000 years where it has been used to build several important structures and other essential stuff. This ancient technology is also expected to be one of the most important building materials in the near future. From supercomputers to surfaces for displaying information is planned to be created with glass technology. However, from buildings to delicate electronic technologies, quality control by glass consultant is important. Also, inspection helps the technology detect even minor imperfections on the surface, glass, or edges while taking into account particle contamination. At the same time, they collect and analyze test data to provide details of the causes of the feature, allowing users to improve the production process.

For glass facades:

In the case of glasses, it is much easier or less difficult to check the thickness of the glass with special measuring machines. In cases where a mandatory “stamp” on glass (in the form of glass) is not available, it is also possible to check the type of glass (floating glass/heat-strengthened glass / completely tempered glass) during specialized testing of equipment with the help of a so-called “Scatter Light Polariscope”.

Inspecting the glass screws:

Drilling screws and self-tapping screws are good products for repairing façade materials. But also, the construction design of the building is necessary. The most hidden screws are sometimes forgettable, of the wrong type, with small distances to the edges and do not meet the “anchor ” and “expansion”. Testing means frequent genetic breakdown.

Expansion of the glass:

The extension of the thermal height of the façade should be considered in the construction. One solution is to design contact with the building with repair points and moving points. In practice, the moving points are often absent, caught, or sprayed with a stop. These things need to be kept in mind while inspecting the glass façade.

Leakage inspection:

The biggest problem is leaking, especially in areas with a roof or a flat roof. Here it is common for the channels under the cover sheets to be filled with silicone, which is not productive. Moisture cannot be quenched or dried, resulting in stagnant water cracking the edge, entering a hole between the panes, or entering the lower chambers.

Glass surface Inspection:

Glass surface inspection is very important to search for any scratches and other surface defects. This problem of scratches can be inspected and solved with a basic particle counter which is a full surface. 

Microscopic defect detection:

The automatic microscope separates errors found in process steps that increase with great accuracy and accurately measure its magnitude and shape in the glass. The system perfectly analyzes very minor scratches.

The construction of large-scale entities to small and delicate products with glass is growing in size day by day. In order to make sure that the quality is consistent and the product is defect-free, it is important to inspect the product by glass consultants during some intervals. The inspection points out problems that is later solved by various architectural glass companies in Europe.

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