Modern Window Architectural Glass Technologies

dynamic glass

Gone are the days when buying window replacements simply meant choosing stained glass and a sturdy frame that would last for years and would never wear out. Now, there are many factors to consider before making a decision. There is a question that you should go looking for wood vs. vinyl windows; filtering out the efficiency in terms of energy, and choosing which kind of treatment goes along your needs.

In this article, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest architectural glass technologies that will blow your mind with their top-of-the-world features that will dramatically change the way you know windows forever.

Electrochromic Glass Windows

You can’t miss installing curtains or drapes with this new window innovation that enhances the power of smart windows’ electrochromic, or a feature that transforms visibility with solar energy. Embrace the beautiful views of your green outdoor garden but are automatically protected from the strong summer heat when it comes to daylight. This new glass technology gives homeowners more power when it comes to privacy and convenience whenever they want.

According to various scientific mags, dim windows already exist. This technology is known as electrochromic technology and is used in the Boeing 787. As strange as it may sound, experts suggest that there are many potentials for improvement. “For privacy applications, they are not as performing as people would like them to be,” revealed Ioannis Kymissis, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University.

It is in the testing phase, it is a little square by two inches on each side, aims to provide more light at a faster rate. This very promising new technology is using a method that involves ions from two metals (such as copper and silver) in the electrolyte gel and a colorless conductor found on television screens and smartphone screens called indium tin oxide to be used in a window. Powered by electricity, the dynamic glass windows will retain their current light.

Thermochromic Glass Windows

The innovative design of the window effectively combines the convenience of smart windows combined with the efficient energy efficiency that does not require electricity.

The clear thermochromic windows boast of touch filters that have been triggered by the rising temperature of the sun will result in diminishing their color to block heat, light, and UV light damage and provide complete cooling gains inside your living space. When the sun gets too hot outside, the windows will be too dark. During the cold winter months, thermochromic windows will stay clear allowing light and warmth to keep your home comfortable.

Birds Friendly Windows

Because of the visible and bright quality of the glass windows, birds cannot naturally see them as obstacles, leading to the unfortunate and irrational death of birds. They are particularly prone to smashing through glass windows that show trees near the sky above or clearing windows with indoor plants.

Encouraged by this, Bird Protection Glass has been made. This unique glass technology is designed with a special pattern made of UV adhesive light that can be seen on all kinds of birds while keeping the windows pleasing to the eye and almost invisible to the human eye.

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