Electrically heated glass

Heatable Windows for Marine Applications . It is vital to clearly see your way in every weather condition, even light fog and frost can reduce visibility, Thermolamex® Heatable windows can de-ice and de-mist a window in less than 5 minutes at -10°C. The advantage lies inside the glass itself. Whether you choose invisible wires or an invisible coating, both can efficiently remove ice and mist in the coldest temperatures.

Why Thermolamex Heated Glass?

  • Your Thermolamexo window panes will guarantee comfortable temperatures in your rooms.
  • No steam, no snow will block your view of the environment.
  • Consumes low energy and does not require any maintenance.
  • Used to heat the room and reduces dependence on gas heating for project.
  • Thermo annex is compatible with most types of profiles – PVC, aluminium, wood, etc.

Thermolamex is supplied together with all accessories necessary for its installation.

Proven reliability since 1985.

Using Thermolamex in glazing units, you can combine its functionality with other products and solutions like.

Shaped irregular geometries Curved (Standard or Spherical) Printing, etching or anti-slip.