Media Glass Facade

Transform your building into an iconic landmark, Amaze people with inspiring visuals. Engage them with interactive content such as images or live digital artworks. Through instantaneously customisable content, we enable you to turn glass façades into storytelling canvases of architectural proportions.

Join the growing Smart City revolution, to create social hubs in our urban areas, where people can meet and form a seamless connection between the physical and digital experience. With 400 successfully completed projects worldwide, this innovative technology is tried and tested and is continually being improved upon. This is the next generation of storytelling at an architectural scale.


  • G-Smatt LED glass technology is 99.7% transparent. Doesn’t obstruct vision 
  • LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours of operation at full power and protected inside a laminated glass structure
  • G-Smatt glass can be used in place of glass windows because it is architectural grade
  • G-SMATT media glass can be delivered with tempered cover glass fittings and as part of an IGU, adding to both it’s toughness and insulating qualities
  • Multiple mounting options: use instead of glass windows (curtain type), add it to the outside of your building (double skin) or attach it to the inside of windows (attach type)

Construction-Grade Glass

It is now possible for buildings to transform into infinite media devices without compromising transparency and building aesthetics.  Design and build with fully-transparent, architectural glass that can create new revenue streams, transform into a digital art canvas, broadcast real-time events, or become an interactive experience through sensors and smartphone connectivity.


Each G-Glass panel is design-built to meet custom specifications.  Based on your project needs, G-Glass can be specified by shape, size, energy efficiency, visual light transmittance, U-Value, durability and aesthetics


Not only is G-Glass your fully transparent glass building material, it is also an infinite canvas for creativity and imagination.  From generating revenue through advertisements, to fulfilling public art requirements by displaying digital art, to creating custom interactive experiences, the possibilities are truly endless.


Each pane of G-SMATT Media Glass has a data and power connection but other than that distinction, our products can be used just like normal glass.

They are delivered fully framed and ready for use and we can build them to fit your project’s specification. In all respects you can design with G-SMATT Media Glass in exactly the same way that you would work with normal glass panels.


G-SMATT Media glass uses an embedded LED technology. The LEDs are embedded in a solid resin and connected to the electronics using circuitry laser etched onto a Fluorine Tin Oxide layer on the surface of the glass. This makes the glass and LEDs incredibly resilient. The electronics that drive the glass are housed in the frame and proofed against water erosion or ingress. The result is a product that is so robust that it can work for years without appreciable need for maintenance. This is in sharp contrast to mesh or strip LED products that our notorious for their maintenance needs.